Dr. Giuseppe Alfonsi, Psychologist


COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the pandemic, I will be offering virtual appointments to Quebec Residents who are in need of support.

My name is Dr. Giuseppe Alfonsi and I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Montreal, Quebec. I am accredited as a specialist with over 10 years experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a psychological treatment supported by hundreds of studies. Online CBT has been shown to be effective for a wide variety of problems including anxiety, depression, and OCD.

In addition to my private practice, I have held leadership roles in McGill University's Mental Health and Student Disability Services and have published in peer-reviewed journals on the areas of emotional functioning and personality.

My certifications

L’ordre des psychologues du québec
L’ordre des psychologues du québec
Licensed psychologist in Quebec
The OPQ is the official regulatory body in Quebec that oversees the licensing of psychologists and the practice of psychotherapy.
Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies
Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies
Member and certified in CBT
The CACBT is a pan-Canadian association dedicated to the promotion of CBT and provides credentialing to qualified specialists.
Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Diplomate Member and certified in CBT
The ACT is a not-for-profit US-based organization that oversees the certification of mental health professionals in the practice of CBT.

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My Areas of Expertise


Feeling sad or unmotivated for days on end, guilty and self-critical thoughts, physically out of sorts, and generally not seeing the value in life.


Chronic feelings of anxiety that may manifest as near-constant worry, specific feared situations or activities, or as recurrent panic attacks.


Repetitive and unwanted thoughts that disrupt the individual’s ability to function. May be accompanied by rituals and/or reassurance seeking that are seemingly out of control.


A lifelong history of attention problems and/or hyperactivity which resulted in disorganization, procrastination, and feeling like you did not achieve your full potential.

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